Monday, 2/17/2020

Monday, 2/17/2020

All of the benchmark girls carry their own signature.  While they are all designed to be an all out test of fitness, each one provides it’s own special way of getting you a new PR.  The obvious way to PR Nancy is go to unbroken.  The next obvious is to run faster.  But what if we broke down the overhead squat a bit more.  What if your overhead squat movement improved, allowing you to feel better when you run, allowing everything to go faster?  During overhead squat therapy today, focus not only on your shoulder/arm position but also on your hip/back position.  It is easy for people to become so consumed with where the bar is overhead, that they start shooting their hips back to far, or breaking their midline and arching the back.  Both of those movements will fire up your back and you will really feel in on the run.  Work on your mechanics.  Repeat them until you cannot get them wrong.  Then, go faster and/or heavier.

2 rounds:

30m high knees, 30m butt kickers (outside to stop sign in front of salon doing high knees, butt kickers on way back)

10 windmills total

:30 dead hang on pull-up bar 

6 down dog into plank (emphasize pushing head thru arms towards legs to stretch lats)

8 pass through w pvc

8 btn press w pvc

8 ohs w sotts press pvc (oh squat to bottom then sotts press then stand = 1 rep)

Overhead Squat Therapy


5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats, 95# / 65#
Add Score
400 m walk
5 minutes of static back


michael lutz 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 19:59
Notes: 35

Jim Bauer

Jim Bauer 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 16:14

Jeremy Hildebrand

Jeremy Hildebrand 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 15:05

Allen Cockrell

Allen Cockrell 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 13:16

Elizabeth Wenzel

Elizabeth Wenzel 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 13:14

Kimberly Dziedziejko

Kimberly Dziedziejko 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 16:08
Notes: 30#

John Miles

John Miles 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 14:30
Notes: 75 - unbroken all sets

Theodore Pratchios

Theodore Pratchios 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 16:02

Marlo Moseley 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 14:14
Notes: 35lbs

Lynn Cassidy

Lynn Cassidy 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 18:58

Brad Schoenemann

Brad Schoenemann 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 17:17

Keri Scott

Keri Scott 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 18:40

Nelson Antunes 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 16:06
Notes: 75#

David Peak 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 14:25
Notes: 75#

Andy Nadler

Andy Nadler 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 14:17
Notes: 35 lb barbell (no additional weight)

Katelyn Mosley

Katelyn Mosley 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 15:46
Notes: 45lbs run killed me

Eleuterio Ramos Jr.

Eleuterio Ramos Jr. 1 year ago / Reply

Nancy: 13:49

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