"CrossFit Ferrum had me at “Hello Jamie!”, a few years back and my excitement towards their programing, Coaches and members has only continued to grow. Recently, I had the opportunity to start working one-on-one with Coach Andrea, on a program designed for me and my sticking points. When I reached out to Andrea about my nagging foot and hamstring pain, I really did not know what to expect; but I was confident in her ability to help me. We started with an overall assessment of my mobility and on day one, Andrea noticed issues/concerns and limitations in areas that were contributing to my issues. After just a few sessions, I have gained a noticeable amount of mobility, and strength in my pain areas and in areas I had not considered to be of concern – and my squat stance has never looked better! Since starting this program, I have become much more aware of my body positions, bracing and breathing, during my workouts which has helped me to get through them with less pain and set me up for quicker recovery. Not only have I received personal one-on-one training for these pain points, but I have learned valuable techniques that I have learned to program into my daily routine. Coach Andrea’s vast knowledge of CrossFit and kinetics combined with her passion for molding us to #bebetterhumans has been an invaluable investment for me and I hope to continue to work with her in the future." 
"I first approached Coach Sean about some personal training because I wanted to improve my olympic lifts.  I enjoyed his coaching style in the regular CrossFit classes and thought he would be a good fit for me to go further into this sport.  I am so glad I made that decision.  
We started with a movement assessment, and Sean immediately noticed some imbalances that needed correcting.  Next up was a strength balance test, which again found some issues that needed correcting.  After providing me with some exercises to improve my mobility, strength, and stability we moved on to the olympic lifts.  I think the mark of a good coach is that he/she can break complicated movements down into manageable parts, giving beginners the appropriate fundamentals without overwhelming them with details that they aren't ready for.  Coach Sean is giving me the framework that I need to property execute the movements, with the understanding that he will add in details as I get better at the basics.  From my set up and stance, the first and second pulls, exercises to improve my strength and mobility imbalances...everything he has shown me has been so easy to understand and has resulted in immediate improvement.  For instance:
My injured shoulder feels better than it has in a year.  It's stronger and doesn't impact my movements anymore.  My overhead stability is noticeably better too, I feel so much stronger and more comfortable when weight is overhead.  My squat is more comfortable, the exercises he has given me have made me be able to squat deep with no pain for the first time... ever.  And I finally understand what I'm supposed to do when snatching and cleaning.  Seriously, before I met with Sean I had a million things running through my head.  As a result, the lifts were so awkward and I was so weak and klutzy.  Now I have a couple of simple cues that I focus on, and the weight is going up!  

I really can't recommend this guy enough.  His knowledge is vast, he communicates extremely well, he is organized and methodical in his approach, and most importantly, he cares about his clients success.  I'm constantly sending him videos of my lifts to analyze and he is always super patient, responsive, and encouraging.  Do yourself a favor and sign up for some personal training.  I guarantee you won't regret it!"

"I can't say enough amazing things about this gym.  The idea of CrossFit always intimidated me and it took me a while to work up the courage to walk through the door.  Once in, I met some of the friendliest and most welcoming people.  The community that's been fostered at this gym is remarkable.  

Not only are all the coaches absolute pros who genuinely care about you, the members of CrossFit Ferrum are just fantastic.  I quickly learned that there's no shame in being the slow one or the one lifting lighter weights.  The coaches are quick to help you figure out how to complete the workouts even when you don't think you can.   There's always an option for different exercises and nobody judges you.  I still can't climb a rope and nobody cares.  They only care that you show up.  If you thrive in group workout environments like I do, I can't recommend this gym enough.  I can't imagine working out anywhere else.

In 6 months, I've lost 20 lbs and at least 2-3 inches in my waist.  I had to practically buy a whole new wardrobe because my clothes were too big.  I love this gym!"
"The Elements Program has been a game changer in my CrossFit journey.  I’ve been plagued by back pain for the better part of three years now.  I’ve seen chiropractors, orthopedic docs, and even a spinal specialist.  Their advice was, respectively, to:  get weekly adjustments; get spinal cortisone injections; switch my exercise routine to yoga.  The results of their advice went like this:  the adjustments lost their effectiveness over time; I simply said no to a needle in my spine; and I laughed at the suggestion that I would be satisfied replacing CrossFit with yoga.  So I just started modifying the WOD’s to avoid movements which would tweak my back.  Over time, my workouts barely even resembled the WOD’s anymore.  Then Andrea suggested I try the Elements program. 

Since starting the program about seven weeks ago, I am back to participating fully in the WOD’s, only modifying the amount of weight I use, not the whole movement.  And my back has felt great!!  It has also re-energized my commitment to my health and eliminated the “I’m just getting older” mentality by proving that aches and pains don’t have to be an unavoidable part of the aging process.  I am amazed at the difference just two hours a week has made in my performance.  I also love that I am able to see quantifiable results each and every week.  I am so surprised and happy with the progress that I’ve made!   

Now, a few words about Andrea as a personal trainer for the Elements program - I love working with her!  She thoroughly explains the science behind my issues and how the exercises are addressing and correcting those issues.  I’ve really learned a lot during the training.  She is also very hands-on and focused during the sessions, noticing and correcting even the slightest variations in a movement.  Her manner is very relaxed and low key - it’s almost like she “sneaks” in the heavier weight without me even noticing!  She is very encouraging and it never feels like you’re doing something all alone - she is always right there with you.  While the Elements program is great in its own right, I really feel that at least 80% of the success I’ve had with this is due to the level of excellence that Andrea possesses as a trainer.  I am so grateful for all the positive change she has facilitated in my health and fitness journey and it’s really inspiring to see someone making a successful career out of something they so obviously love and were meant to do in life."
    "There is so much I could praise about Ferrum, including being twenty pounds lighter and setting personal strength records at the age of 57.  Nevertheless, it's the coaches who stand out more than my personal gains.  They inspire me everyday to make meaningful measurable improvements in my life.  Their support and guidance has resulted in my ability to do things I enjoy most, such as working on my 67 year old roadster, or gardening for hours without pain or discomfort.  They always take the time to mentor and coach me through my workouts.  
    Recently, I worked with Coach Sean in several 1:1 sessions, focused on reducing back pain.  I've known Sean for about a year at Ferrum.  He has a phenomenal ability to inspire others to do better, and is an exemplary role model.  While the sessions themselves were precious, resulting in less back pain and three new personal strength records, it was the pre-WOD skills he taught that stand out.  He taught me simple movements I use for fifteen minutes prior to each WOD.  These skills have vastly enabled my ability   to crush squats, lunges, wall balls, etc.  They have improved my overall experience in CrossFit and inspire me to continue to make CrossFit a part of my lifestyle.
    Coach Sean changed my life and I know he will continue to do so.  He is an approachable guy who sincerely wants to mentor others to be the best they can be.  I consider myself very fortunate to have met him, and I know others feel the same as me.  He is one of the best!
    For me, there is no going back.  Ferrum is the part of my daily routine I look forward to the most."
"I first met Andrea when searching for a place for my son to do CrossFit. I was sucked in at the first meeting. The way she and Cheri operate, and think the foundation of a well built athlete should be, is spot on. You should be built from the ground up, not working around injuries or avoiding those areas. I have old injuries from lifting for so many years; knees, hips and shoulders. So I approached Andrea for one on one training. She fixed my squat, deadlift and shoulder movements to the extent that I have been consistently lifting heavier than before and don’t have the aches that I had before. My confidence in lifting and the way I moved increased greatly. She’s been a mentor and a trainer for me, so the way I took all of her direction, accolades, and corrections was easy. I knew she had my best interest at heart and she believed I could do greater things than I thought I could. That’s the best part of her. It’s hard for an old athlete to know the way they have been moving is all wrong and learn correctly. You have to leave your ego at the door and trust her. I did just that and boy did it pay off. I’m always going to be indebted to her for making me better for so many years to come.
Ferrum is an incredible community. My son is a totally different person thanks to the training and guidance as well.
If you’ve never experienced, or the thought of a CrossFit gym intimidates you the way it did me, then this is your place and she is your trainer. They set themselves apart from the rest."